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Sexual abuse, is undesired sexual behavior by one person upon another. It often happens by using force or by taking advantage of another. When force is immediate, of short duration or infrequent, it is called sexual assault.

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Our legal team understands what sexual abuse or assault can do to someone, and we are committed to holding abusers and the institutions that protect them accountable for their actions.

If you or a loved one were subject to unwanted sexual abuse, you deserve justice, support and a chance at moving on with your life.

❌Inappropriate touching not necessary for your particular exam.

❌ Being instructed to remove all clothing and not being offered a gown

❌ Comments about your physical body and sexuality.

❌ Comments about your personal sex life, including offering advice for virgins

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❌ Unnecessarily photographing patients

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Lawsuit: Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital Covered Up Abuse By Neurologist Dr. Ricardo Cruciani.

A major New York City hospital ignored a star physician’s rampant sexual abuse of patients, turning a blind eye to what he was doing to them behind closed exam-doom doors because his thriving pain practice was generating so much money, according to recent lawsuits filed.

Survivors can file under New York’s Adult Survivors Act, a recent state law that opened a one-year window for adult survivors to sue over sexual abuse that took place years or even decades ago.

Officials at Mount Sinai Beth Israel in Manhattan knew Dr. Ricardo Cruciani was a serial abuser but failed to report him to law enforcement or licensing authorities for more than a decade, nor did they warn future employers about the threat he posed, 19 former patients allege in court documents.

Cruciani’s misconduct first came to the public’s attention in 2017, in Philadelphia, where he was chief neurologist at Drexel University’s medical school and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor groping counts involving seven patients.

“The hospitals that employed Cruciani have as much blood on their hands as he did,” said another plaintiff and former patient of Cruciani.

Dr. Cruciani exploited patients who were desperate for relief from chronic pain, overprescribing powerful painkillers “to control his patients, facilitate his sexual assaults, and trap them,” a recent suit said.

The abuse was an “open secret” among Cruciani’s colleagues, with a nurse practitioner once telling a patient that Cruciani “can get very handsy, so watch yourself,” and Cruciani’s direct supervisor admitting the neurologist “had an impulse control problem” and “couldn’t control himself.” A nurse even walked in on Cruciani while he was exposing himself to a patient but did not report it, a recent lawsuit said.

Over the years, at least 13 patients reported Cruciani’s misconduct to various staff members and officials at the hospital, but the hospital “concealed and covered up multiple complaints about Cruciani’s misconduct within its organization to continue to reap substantial revenue from Cruciani’s patients and their insurers,” the suit said.